Top 10 Moments of Lewis Hamilton Brilliance
He's got more wins and more poles than any driver in history. He's a seven-time champion, and the first ever active racing knight in Formula 1. As Sir Lewis Hamilton celebrates his 36th birthday, take a look back at 10 of Lewis Hamilton's most impressive moments in F1!

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  • Stephan Yearwood
    Stephan Yearwood

    I can't wait for his biopic.

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    I do not like the video as I do not like lewis hamilton. The definition of racing is going to be changed in the future. The definition of the moments is going to be different. People on the planet will experience highly refined elements in racing through a transformation as it is the rule of the nature that always takes humans to a correct level.

  • Kalfdy Andry Polynational
    Kalfdy Andry Polynational

    I don't know why maybe perhaps we all hate Hamilton? (regardless myself...) 😂😂😂

  • OriginalFake

    Man 2020 merc car so beautiful.

  • Emmanuel Etori
    Emmanuel Etori

    68 seconds 😳

  • 3rdworldtraveler

    No doubt he has skill but Senna still the best F1driver of all time

  • StoryofThings

    thurman is now a racer?

  • mpreiss

    Love watching F1 races. I must go live and see. I did twice go see the best MotoGP bike racers in 89/90 at Laguna Seca and was fantastic. Unfortunately most Americans don't watch or support F1/MotoGp and we are lucky to get them here once per year

    • mpreiss

      @ELECTRON Yeah well we are in the minority. Most Americans don't watch


      Wdym I’m American and I watch F1 but not moto gp

  • Antonio Vassallo
    Antonio Vassallo

    Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton è il più grande pilota della storia della formula uno. GRAZIE LEWIS

  • wolf_0

    Schumacher still the G.O.A.T

  • Riteek Bhatt
    Riteek Bhatt

    Bono, is that Lewis speaking??

  • Hristo Stefanov
    Hristo Stefanov

    Everyone saying one of the best. Nobody dares to say The Best and rightly so as there is only one that nobody has matched so far. Great driver probably best of his generation.

  • Julio Bremmer
    Julio Bremmer

    Lewis is like Lebron or CRonaldo. They are great at their sports but also great whiners, they are wolves dress as sheep. That’s why they will never be GOATS

  • Paul Loveless
    Paul Loveless

    As an American, I see people talking about that he cheated by using traction control for instance. Then I see him in the rain and it's like his body automatically knows the exact limit of the friction coefficient of the track. Is there any evidence of cheating with sophisticated means or are sour fans just saying this with no regard?

  • [censored]

    Shoutout to our boy KMag who still holds the Singapore GP fastest lap.

  • Sabiq

    Who’s here after Baku 2021 😂

  • thejai28

    Botas face 14:36 = priceless

  • Darragh Maguire
    Darragh Maguire

    Brake magic: Am I a joke to you?



  • Rory Dellow
    Rory Dellow

    I'm here after he locked up in turn one

  • Ce mec Baba
    Ce mec Baba

    am I the only one who thinks there was more competition with V8's

    • TheNeutralGuy


  • DuskThunder9


  • Snipseyy

    you can't hate the guy

  • Teh Analyzer
    Teh Analyzer

    My friend who worked in Petronas told me that his big Bosses told him blankly that promotion and job offers are only for Malays only. Imagine in a multi racial country in Malaysia, petronas practising Apartheid policy. Top to bottom all Malay people in Petronas organization. Lewis Hamilton wearing the suit with Petronas Logo on it....Like shouting APARTHEID glory to the finishing line. I dont understand why Mercedes a world reknown car manufacturer will collaborate with Apartheid company? Should FIA the world governing body be implicated too???

  • La Bomb-Ahhh
    La Bomb-Ahhh

    Verstappen's gonna send him into retirement.

    • PrinZ

      We haven't got into mid season lol

  • OyabunYT

    "That's what you hired me for" So much respect for lewis 🤙🏻

  • Goran Bogataj
    Goran Bogataj


  • Goran Bogataj
    Goran Bogataj


  • cruisingaround18

    truly to become the GOAT if not there already!

  • DJ

    Very surprised but the nice comments above and below considering this is ALgone!

  • William Young
    William Young

    Lewis Hamilton is one of the best of all time

  • Srivaths Prabhakar
    Srivaths Prabhakar

    almost forgot to dislike this

    • Toro Loco
      Toro Loco

      why would you dislike this? it like me going on a ronaldo video where he scores amazing goals to dislike it just because im not a fan of his. you can just skip it you know, rather than spread hate

    • La Bomb-Ahhh
      La Bomb-Ahhh

      My man.

  • robert loftin
    robert loftin

    Hay Lewis I used to huge fan but now your just mouth peace for liberal Democrats

    • robert loftin
      robert loftin

      @Toro Loco I’m think your saying that Europe has the same problem

    • Toro Loco
      Toro Loco

      not everything revolves around american politics. liberal democrats in europe would be seen as center

  • Rhoxwen

    Love him o hate him, he's the B E S T F1 diver without doubt

  • MisterA

    Stay tuned

  • MisterA


  • MisterA

    Next question, why does the tires lean inward? So you’re telling me that all the balancing that auto dealers do is well you might be correct Ameer..

  • MisterA

    At 4:10, maybe I’m wrong, it seems like too much tire material on the road which is possibly affecting their turning radius

  • MisterA

    Who is this topee looking dude waving me off at turn 1:31, oh really I forgot to look at my sons go kart design, he’s now wondering 💭 and thinking 🤔 if that concept would work. Lewis Hamilton is also wondering 💭 if you minimize the radius, less wind drag on the front end, quicker turning in the corners.. it’s worth a try. Faster try.

  • TheRealItachi8910

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  • Will W
    Will W

    The number 1 choice is correct but my favourite is still the Singapore lap

  • eman foo
    eman foo

    hey race peeps...idk anything about F1 but i love watchin im question...whats the rule on two team cars just taking 1st & 2nd then blockin the whole race next to eachother? could they just sit together and block the whole night? add three team members and even block st8's? curious...

  • Rayyan 1
    Rayyan 1

    Everyone Keeps saying he is a beast only because of Mercedes. Do you remember the world champion from 2008? Lewis Hamilton in MCLAREN. He brought Mercedes back to the top. As a massive Schumacher fan, I can’t deny that Hamilton is way better at Mercedes than Schumacher ever was! Hamilton is one of the greatest of all time. 🐐

  • Rayyan 1
    Rayyan 1

    The greatest of our generation. One of the greatest of all time. One day, he’ll be loved a a much as Schumacher and senna (hopefully)

  • David Wood
    David Wood

    How is Singapore 2018 only Number 9?!

  • David Wood
    David Wood

    “Becoming the first ‘black’ driver to win a Grand Prix”. I feel like this comment segregates Hamilton, he’s just a dude, why do you feel the need to point out he’s black? Almost suggesting he’d be less capable? Idk I just hate all this political correctness stuff people have gone mad nowadays.

  • Yuri DeKhed
    Yuri DeKhed

    What? Nothing from Melbourne 2009?

  • kyle crain
    kyle crain

    Stats say he's the best driver of all time. That's what matters.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      @kyle crain if you only want to look at stats then tell me the number of times he was disqualified from a race. That's the lying and cheating part honey.

    • kyle crain
      kyle crain

      @Yuri DeKhed I don't see "liar and cheat" written in his stats. All i see is he has won so many times it's routine for him.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      And the fact that he is a liar and a cheat isn't......

  • L. Mpatamali
    L. Mpatamali


    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Liar Cheat

  • Ddembe Francis
    Ddembe Francis

    10:05 LH44

  • h4tt0ri

    hate him

  • zilentzap

    imagine disliking him, i guess some people hate winners for winning.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      No I hate liars and cheats for lying and cheating.

  • HDPeaceMan

    anyone know the background song starting at Styria 2020? :D

  • Joel Akimana
    Joel Akimana

    “Alonzo was caught napping”

  • hoon tae
    hoon tae

    The aggressive thought timely step because owl analogically squeeze with a two robert. freezing, false familiar famous coin

  • Hellen Mota
    Hellen Mota

    Everything about this guy just shows me, maybe him is not even human. Love him 💕

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      You love a cheat? Ok

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    I never saw Lewis as black white or yellow, to me he was just the greatest f1 driver ....Untill he said “ is it cos I’m black” because the race judges said he infringed the rules ,That changed my opinion of him somewhat..If that man is underprivileged then I don’t know who is , and the way he now brings black / white matters into our sport is reprehensible.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Along with his cheating

  • KaasKan NL
    KaasKan NL

    Taking social distancing to a whole new level

  • Fi Sophia
    Fi Sophia

    🇲🇾 ❤️🇨🇰

  • tanhim ahmed
    tanhim ahmed

    He's the best bono

  • Gary S
    Gary S

    Watching that makes me think. How can people honestly say he is not the best F1 driver that has ever lived.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Because he's always had a top end car to drive

    • ??

      Because there have been better drivers?

  • Sexy Robbie
    Sexy Robbie


    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


  • Nikola Gjorgievski
    Nikola Gjorgievski

    Hate this guy

  • Abdelfattah Serestou
    Abdelfattah Serestou

    Le plus grand champions de tous les temps en F1... Pas aimé ça se voit mais n'en déplaise aux rageux racistes et autres... Pas de pistons si ce n'est sous le capot... Travail, sueur, intelligence et surtout recherche de la perfection... Un vrai Géant le Lewis

  • Mohammed Nsour
    Mohammed Nsour

    Lewis Brilliance! dude its 90% the car ... 5% the team ... 5% Driver! give Lewis a Williams and count titles then!

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Then why is Russel struggling to even score points yet dominated in the one race he ever did in a Mercedes.

  • Mahamed Hassan
    Mahamed Hassan

    I really want mercedes to have the second or third fastest car on grid next year so we can really see what lewis does

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      He'll retire if he can't have the best

  • Jan Steyn
    Jan Steyn

    spooken freak

  • Ross Cläytor
    Ross Cläytor


    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


  • Stepan Tjung
    Stepan Tjung

    I believe this video is an answer to those ''s the car..' bell ends.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man

    I have watched F1 since 1969, and I have seen all the Greats since that time. But to me, Lewis is the GOAT. His qualifying, his race craft, his race brain, his wet weather driving. He has everything that makes a great driver great. And his driving is entertaining. Full throttle and no backing down at all. Also this video needs to be at least 60 minutes to show all of Lewis's great drives.

    • Venom Sniper
      Venom Sniper

      @Yuri DeKhed when did he cheat tho lol

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      @Bat Man I simply asked a question.

    • Bat Man
      Bat Man

      @Yuri DeKhed Right, a Lewis hater had to come along.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Would it contain him cheating though?

  • Michael Ambrus
    Michael Ambrus

    The best driver + The best car - sickest combination

  • Stephen Fear
    Stephen Fear

    Best driver ever in my book

  • Jools UK
    Jools UK


    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed


  • James Luxton
    James Luxton

    The GOAT

  • tommy elijah007
    tommy elijah007

    Love or hate him, he genuinely gets races dished out to him...

  • remigio griso
    remigio griso

    e basta tutti questi complimenti ad HAMILTON !! BASTA !! vediamo su una macchina diversa quanto vincerebbe !! magari su una Ferrari . E BASTA ... con quella mercedes altri vincerebbero come lui . ciao

  • Harshit Trehan
    Harshit Trehan

    That "Hey man" in the 2018 Germany GP terrified me. He didn't need to say another word. "Hey man" captured it all. What a legend.

  • K. Z.
    K. Z.

    Lewis Mercedesson C. Ronaldo in F1 Peacock

  • Spider Boy Games
    Spider Boy Games

    My goodness what happened to F1, back in the early days of Hamilton there was overtaken, mulitple winners it was fun to watch now it's a snore fest. No overtaking at all

  • Schecter EvilTwin
    Schecter EvilTwin

    What do you mean first black driver, he's biracial, he's just as much white as he is black, micheal Jordan's black, no? Is that not factually accurate?

  • Russell Marmon
    Russell Marmon

    The GOAT no question.

  • jdiskin82

    Can't stand the guy. . But the best ever I'd say

  • jord hil
    jord hil


  • John Peters
    John Peters

    When people question Mr Hamilton, send em here!!! Class, I'd forgotten how much he has done.

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Have you forgotten about him cheating?

  • 平野愛実

    The tough colon concretely phone because bus partially miss circa a alluring jellyfish. careful, offbeat lion

  • Artur Leszko
    Artur Leszko

    Mercedes-Mandingo 🤫

  • Gavin Isaacs
    Gavin Isaacs

    How on Earth can Hamilton be denied the title , GOAT ! Never has a driver done what he did on a track !

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      And how many of them were liars and cheats?

    • ??

      vettel, prost, senna, fangio, ascari, clark. Raikonnen, rosberg, rosberg, schumacher, hulme, stewart, and many many more

  • John Peter Dean
    John Peter Dean

    Silverstone 2008 was by far the best by Lewis... Incredible

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      My favourite moment was towards the end of the 2009 Melbourne GP. Where he showed his true self.

  • Gillie Monger
    Gillie Monger

    Excellent compilation. SLH; a true champion.

  • Jamie Paget
    Jamie Paget

    Are we talking Hamilton brilliance, or Mercedes brilliance, because without the Brackley outfit, Hamilton may still only have, one title.

  • kayenbey

    Incredible driver. It's just sad that in many years of being an F1 fan I have not met a fan of Lewis's. Everyone considers he a great driver but not fans, and already, from a British fan's perspective, prefer Lando and George far, far in front of him. We have over 300 people in our Fb F1 private group in UK.

    • Toro Loco
      Toro Loco

      Have you never attended the British gp? People literally paint their caravans with 44s

  • CableTelcontar

    Turkey 2020 Hungary 2019 Barcelona 2021😁

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Melbourne 2009?

  • African Explorer Magazine
    African Explorer Magazine

    13:06 That's why he's the greatest nothing personal.

  • Tanya Perez
    Tanya Perez

    The tasteless opinion locally force because vegetarian evocatively sack astride a offbeat temple. living, adorable writer

  • Michel Crepin
    Michel Crepin

    I would add the fact that he's considering retirement.

  • kevin joyce
    kevin joyce

    Sir Lewis Hamilton is mixed race... He is not black so there has never been a black formula 1 world champion. If you are going to make these references, get it right!

    • Stepan Tjung
      Stepan Tjung

      I think we all know that he is mixed race, but he is defined as black around the world. Are you offended that a talented guy like he is cannot be black?

  • E-Mac Wright
    E-Mac Wright

    I was at the 2021 St Pete IndyCar race last month. I got some laughs when I asked the vendors if they had any shirts that read: Lewis Hamilton Cheats! I got challenged by the one that had Mercedes stuff but he backed off when I reminded him that he knocked Alex Albon off of a win twice simply because he was being greedy and could not have mentally dealt with a first time grommie driver beating him. HEY LEWIS GIVE ALEX ALBON THE $10,000,000 you have cost him!!!!!! (And get him a ride!!!)

    • Yuri DeKhed
      Yuri DeKhed

      Don't forget Melbourne 2009!

  • Rafael Batista
    Rafael Batista

    2020 British GP

  • Ro Ye
    Ro Ye

    Ha ha, that's ok Ron, that's what you hired me for ...

  • Mattia Molteni
    Mattia Molteni