Top 10 Best Races Of The Decade | 2010-2019
The votes have been counted and we can reveal that the best race of the last decade is...

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  • Riley Knights
    Riley Knights

    Button was underrated in the wet

  • Jelte Tongeren
    Jelte Tongeren

    Brazil 2016: ‘Am i a joke to you?!’

  • Amir Budiman
    Amir Budiman

    3.30 Bot and Rai expressions

  • Nick Benza
    Nick Benza

    8:42 the mastery of Kimi

  • Seb B
    Seb B

    Hamilton involved in most incidents, go figure 🙄

  • Simpleton


  • JuliiPoolii

    Hockenheim are always the best races can't understand why F1 never drives to this awesome track..

  • Aryaman Mukherji
    Aryaman Mukherji

    why does always hamilton smashes somebody?

  • Vo Quang Minh
    Vo Quang Minh

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  • Hadi Khan
    Hadi Khan

    2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be my fav. 🔥

  • Pepe Ded
    Pepe Ded

    Music should be more epic

  • Yash Pratapwar
    Yash Pratapwar

    9:30 Seb Vettel P20 to P2 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Spac18

    Brazil 2012 was the best, what a tense title decider

  • Fran el Pro 17
    Fran el Pro 17

    2:23 Karma

  • Kishore Ravishankar
    Kishore Ravishankar

    Add the 2021 Azerbaijan Gran Prix too : )

  • MaltDew

    You can already add Baku 2021 to the 2020-2029 list

    • Ethan Bilsland
      Ethan Bilsland

      And Monza 2020

  • Twilight

    Come on Let's get Germany back on the calendar this year!

  • zaha II
    zaha II

    Vettel from 20th to 2nd position madness

  • Jurrit v/d Veen
    Jurrit v/d Veen

    2016 Brazil? Max verstappen was on 🔥🔥 that race

  • John Johansen
    John Johansen

    "Regaining back again" 😆

  • Holden Cross
    Holden Cross

    Hockenheim 2018 is just heartbreaking!

  • Courtney Clifford
    Courtney Clifford

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  • Nahima Rahaman
    Nahima Rahaman

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  • Seth Space
    Seth Space

    Germany always had great racing. Too bad Formula 1 took it off it's calendar.

  • Boby Yurismono
    Boby Yurismono

    Hockenheim 2018 shouldn't be here, I feel bad for Vettel to this day :(

  • Barath Kiran
    Barath Kiran

    It seems like whenever Lewis crashes , the race is gonna be lit af.

  • Gaurav Mehta
    Gaurav Mehta

    What about Malaysia GP Vettel vs Weber?

  • joaquin valeri
    joaquin valeri

    I hate 2019 becasue it was an unluckiest year

  • Mike Penn
    Mike Penn

    brazil 2019 was the first full race I watched glad I saw it on here!

  • howdareyou41


    • Ganapathy subramanian
      Ganapathy subramanian

      Thats what lead commentators do

    • howdareyou41

      @æ oh really? where? that would be incredible. F1 is incredible. The people in charge of showing us the content are some of the worst in the business.

    • æ

      you can just watch non commentary races

  • ant Nam
    ant Nam

    Hammer time every time.

  • ??

    Stop screaming jesus christ

  • Venkat Sai
    Venkat Sai

    It’s all Hamilton, king 👑

  • Freddie P
    Freddie P

    Perez always in there in the last 10 years

  • Alex Avalos
    Alex Avalos

    The best race if the decade was Brazil 2012 for sure!!

  • rentonis

    3/10 on Hockenheim. So nice decision from FIA to remove the German GP.....

  • Nathaniel Matha
    Nathaniel Matha

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  • Junior van der Merwe
    Junior van der Merwe

    Bring back Valencia!

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      For replacing the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for keeping the Formula 1® Gran Premio de España on the calendar, you mean?

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus


  • black94

    Running theme with these races has been that in most of them Hamilton either crashed, gets crashed into or gets defeated in other fashion

  • Fire Pheonix
    Fire Pheonix

    Brazil 2012 should be higher up the order

  • MeneGR

    Has anyone told Crofty that he can bring the mic closer, so he doesn't need to shout? Also the cars aren't so loud any more, we can hear him anyway.

  • AimG_Trompete

    Das waren noch Zeiten, als die Mercedes um die Position kämpfen durften und nicht mit Stallorder organisiert wurden...

  • Eggzyy

    this is racist

    • æ


  • Pablo Bdjz88
    Pablo Bdjz88

    5:14= Magic

  • John Murton
    John Murton

    Can wait for the next decade video for Pierre Monza win

  • avada

    Isn't this what Ricciardo mocked?

  • Ujjal Mukherjee
    Ujjal Mukherjee

    I always wonder why other drivers get penalized when hit or come near Hamilton, but Hamilton doesn't get same penalty when he does the same. Toto & Hamilton are two biggest cheaters killing the game.

  • HetVaiN

    Maybe rosberg and hamilton made a deal hamiltom said rosberg you retire ill pay you for every victory of mine

  • Jane Gavin
    Jane Gavin

    Rosberg and button both beat Hamilton in equal cars but Hamilton is still the greatest driver of his generation IMHO

  • Gabriele Sala
    Gabriele Sala

    When and if the last Kimi's race will come we all want him to do it on a Ferrari.

  • Lucas Raffin
    Lucas Raffin

    top 10 of hamilton best races on the decade

  • Faiz Shaikh
    Faiz Shaikh

    Vettel. :,(

  • Fat Tony
    Fat Tony

    Formula1 is ALL about the car!

  • GelTiiX

    Ah yes, valtteri it's james being cut off the montage

  • OKT_Alessio

    Excuse me where is monza 2019?

  • nathan scetta
    nathan scetta

    i can here albon sayimng this guy is such a sore loser

  • Red Devils7
    Red Devils7

    This video proves Hamilton is a super aggressive driver on the track, and that's why he's the best.

  • Gordon CUCKOO
    Gordon CUCKOO

    Sorry but Canada 2011 is the greatest race, people have a short memory how many 2019 races here ??

  • Adnan Shariff
    Adnan Shariff

    Add leclerc's win at monza

  • Mac Miller
    Mac Miller

    This is way better than nascar.

  • Erium

    Great announcers in most of these.

  • Victor Uranium
    Victor Uranium

    Crofty makes the races more exciting when he's screaming his head off!

  • The Dumber
    The Dumber

    Where is Turkey GP 2010?

  • Jack Scheppler
    Jack Scheppler

    3:28 Are we sure Bottas isn't the unholy love child of Christian Von Koenigsegg and Vincent D'Onofrio?

  • Blackwater

    Bring back Germany!

  • Thiago Assis
    Thiago Assis

    You can easily choose the best races of 2010-2012, because there is no competition since then.

  • Mayumi Wijeratna
    Mayumi Wijeratna

    All i hear is hamilton

  • Appelpeer15

    Brazil 2016 is #1

  • Taylor Stafford
    Taylor Stafford

    You think Gasly finishing 2nd is impressive just wait till the next season

  • Alexandre Van Hannigen
    Alexandre Van Hannigen

    Até 2014,2015 os carros de fórmula 1 eram bem mais bonitos e harmônicos. Hoje em dia parecem umas jamantas enormes.

  • dreadalex

    Most of them have a lot of crashes. Kimi's last win in Austin was a nailbiter, Monza Leclerc win over Hamilton was a great race too, the Turkish GP where Hamilton and Button put a fight was a great race, the Austrian GP where Rosberg Hamilton crashed on the last lap, Silverstone battle between Verstappen and Leclerc there were better choices for that top ten

  • bernardvoss

    Man! Those Brittish commentators are really hysterical!

  • DJYosisoY

    All Vettel crashes 2010-2019

  • TheLordsOfDogTown

    Ahora debe de estar en ese top 10 la carrera de Bahrain dónde checo salió P1

  • Máté Herold
    Máté Herold

    FIA be like Hamilton breaks in front of Vettel: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that Vettel goes into Hamilton afterwards: he can't do that, shoot him or something

  • Art Adhyay
    Art Adhyay

    That look from Fernando at Brazil 2012 is the stuff of movies...

  • New_user24 1010
    New_user24 1010

    This was actually a crash conpilation..

  • TheDrumvader

    No one: Sergio Perez in every race in this video: S🅱️IN

    • HKF1

      Not every race, he wasn't reaching in 2010 and he was on the podium on that 2014 Bahrain GP, and then there's the squeeze from Ocon that left both cars with damage.

  • Ghost Heart
    Ghost Heart

    OOOOOWWWAAAAA 2021. ♥️

  • Nathan 659
    Nathan 659

    It sounds like roblox theme Park 2 at the start

  • Paul Sayman
    Paul Sayman

    3:28 Valterri looks like me when I'm presenting on stage

  • Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey

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    Relaxxxx Racing point will be Champions

  • Kyto 203
    Kyto 203

    Nobody: Not Ken Block:

  • Pamir Baran
    Pamir Baran

    In Brazil 2012 Alonso's face at the end is priceless

  • Dale Denton
    Dale Denton

    New to this. So do the teammates race each other as well?

  • qwe qwe
    qwe qwe

    4:50 this car looks so big

  • fdsjlaf

    going to ferrari is a career-ender

  • Motors & Coasters
    Motors & Coasters

    My Updated Top 10 10: Hungary 2014 9: Abu Dhabi 2010 8: Australia 2016 7: Britain 2013 6: Monaco 2010 5: Russia 2015 4: Monaco 2014 3: Azerbaijan 2017 2: Brazil 2012 1: Canada 2011 This comment will keep being updated

  • Tristan Tedeschi
    Tristan Tedeschi

    They dont love vettel in every races he goes out

  • Jose Yaruro
    Jose Yaruro

    Button 1st, Comb 2nd and Belt is 3rd.

  • Levity

    4:55 VETTEL!

  • Karan Vinod
    Karan Vinod

    Canada 2011 is the greatest GP of all time. Argue all you want.

  • vicTTRS

    Germany 2019 the best race of the decade?, Who made this ranking?

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      Voting from the fans is going on, mate.

  • JJ4824

    What a season 2012 was

  • Alen Aljić
    Alen Aljić

    Best races 2010-2019 1. Yas Marina 2010 2. Brazil 2012 3. Europe 2012 4. Hungary 2015 5. Germany 2018 6. Hungary 2014 7. Bahrein 2014 8. Malaysia 2013 9. Brazil 2019 10. Belgium 2014.

  • Fabian Haikal
    Fabian Haikal

    Botta and Lewis wheel to wheel:Valtteri its james

  • drewe G
    drewe G

    I know that everyone has a different view on everything but Canada 2011 has always been the best gp as a spectacle I've witnessed. Maybe it's simply as bias as I'm British 🤔.

  • JipH29


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