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  • Thats-Norbi

    But here comes sebastiann vettelll

  • Davey

    Ferrari where absolutely nowhere this race. But this circuit also doesn't fit them at all. I think they'll perform better in Austria.

  • ImportantComment

    Toto would ignore Bottas and still find ways to blame him for this loss

  • JageXdgamer

    Bruh I feel bad for bottas

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    Official F1 making video with asseto corsa mods, welll ok then?

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  • Sahil panjwani
    Sahil panjwani

    Perez letting verstappen pass him to go for a win while also supporting him by preventing hamilton to do a second stop Verstappen's immediate appreciation for that Albon's continuous support on social media as well as providing valuable input to Perez about the car as well as helping on the simulator Red bull is the definition of sportsmanship in F1

  • Geny B. Goode: ギター
    Geny B. Goode: ギター

    So cool!

  • Олег Сазонов
    Олег Сазонов

    Мерседес по жизни лучше всех особенно Хэмильтон

  • Vicky rangeR
    Vicky rangeR

    Wish Indian grand prix gets back on the calender ASAP. Such a competitive circuit it is... The roar of the crowd when Seb bowed to the bull still gives me chills!!!! 🔥

  • A K Gamer
    A K Gamer

    Poor Bottas Mercedes only like Lewis 😂

  • Chiranthan

    This video in a nutshell: Yuki: I don't know

  • PSj

    2:12 smooth operator

  • Antonn

    Hearing Zak scream in the background during danny's radio makes my day

  • sagat bison
    sagat bison

    F1 boring !!!!! Moto GP more better

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  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan

    What a barn burner THAT was!

  • Nehemiah

    The OB/GYN is hilarious lol

  • Maxi F
    Maxi F

    Mega Redbull make strike Mercedes fail at strategy Redbull first win in france

  • Jonathan Dharmaputra Ratisan
    Jonathan Dharmaputra Ratisan

    What shows redbull different than merc when treating their 2nd driver was... Checo : "let's get em" Meanwhile Bottas : "fu*k u all"

  • Travis Fubu
    Travis Fubu

    That's why people don't like him

  • Pandji Aryo Poerwono
    Pandji Aryo Poerwono

    there must be another table accident in mercedes paddock

  • Arbi Ujka
    Arbi Ujka

    Fun fact: That was two tenths quicker than Albon’s pitstop😂

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    2:26 *inininininin* sneaky

  • Joshua Ng
    Joshua Ng

    Bottas silence is the most deafening. Feel bad for him.

  • Anthony Asaiante
    Anthony Asaiante

    Crazy how different these cars are from team to team

  • peter L
    peter L

    Great sportsmanship checo! Bravo 👏👏👏

  • Hazazi Azizan
    Hazazi Azizan

    Toto: it was Bottas's fault for going wide off track giving Verstappen a chance to overtake

  • LUCAS 123
    LUCAS 123


  • Kakha Khmelidze
    Kakha Khmelidze

    Super Maxio

  • nhoehll kulanndhai
    nhoehll kulanndhai

    Im a Lewis fan and i say that he just couldn’t keep the tyres alive but he still managed to stay ahead of one more red bull . 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  • Jacob Hiller
    Jacob Hiller

    Checo is the perfect teammate.

  • Mary

    can you post the full post race video please

  • AceGoat

    I am so happy Redbull took on Perez, he is an amazing team player and a massive reason why Redbull are doing so well.

  • ashwath Ash
    ashwath Ash

    It's amazing that Max did so many laps at that pace in those mediums. He would have lost if he had gone on with hard tyres.

  • Jin Kim
    Jin Kim

    Aged like milk.

  • Daga na Nakatayo sa poste
    Daga na Nakatayo sa poste

    Imagine this guys stealing someone's wheels

  • Heinrich Coetzee
    Heinrich Coetzee

    This never gets old. Give me goosebumps every time. What a race

  • Enrico Lauro
    Enrico Lauro

    Wait what?! The best line of the day was Checo saying "Let's get 'em!" when asked to let Max by! Gave me chills!

  • Formulanews

    At 0:02 are those cars hovering on track?

  • jdore8

    What's the retail on your car Rubens? More than you can afford pal, Ferrari!

  • DREX 04
    DREX 04

    Super max!

  • ashwath Ash
    ashwath Ash

    Mercedes finding if hard when they face true competition. They had it easy till 2020. Still think if Lewis had competition, he wudnt have won so many championships. But the season still long. Let's see who ends up winning. I still think Lewis will win but I want Max to win.

  • Samuel Harris
    Samuel Harris

    Can someone explain why Merc and Red Bull have such fast cars when other cars have the same engines?

  • Frederik Heller
    Frederik Heller

    Parking lot 👎

  • Tjeerd

    “Lewis, it is not what you think”

  • Rize Lee
    Rize Lee

    please add Turkish subtitle option pleasee :(( !! 🇹🇷

  • Ivan Lončarević
    Ivan Lončarević

    💯 Respect 4,Red bull..👍🏻

  • Bonkers Status
    Bonkers Status

    If max wins the championship I am gonna be so happy



  • J VH
    J VH

    I love that Seb actually got an upgrade by being dropped by Ferrari 😄

  • Αντουαν 264
    Αντουαν 264

    Checo: let"s get them.Much respect too this guy for the team spirit R.B Exellent choice New era in f1 tho!!

  • No Mercy
    No Mercy

    2:24 Love those changing words and insider right here :D

  • Tomas Eriksson
    Tomas Eriksson

    0:54 Valteri Potter 😂

  • Ivan Lončarević
    Ivan Lončarević

    Go,Max, go..👍🏻💯

  • hsieh811

    Didn't show Bottas' post-race radio, oh right, he went furiously silent.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Reminds me of the amazing 2012 season we had. Must have been the best season ever been. We had thrilling Championship battles till the last race, we had multiple wheel to wheel action, big crashes 7 different world champions and most of the season no dominant car/team... Today is a joke compared to 2012^^

  • Adib youssef Abdelkhalek
    Adib youssef Abdelkhalek

    Max is awesome 👍👍💪💪💪💪

  • Knights2theEnd

    I hate how they talk down to Max as if he's a kid.

  • cornee

    in my opinion it was redbull's mistake to let max make his second pitsop. max was 3.6 sec in front off lewis and was increasing his lead the last 2 round with an average of 0.9 sec. he was already out of the off danger off an undercut from lewis (with the undercut of max he was 2.9 secs behind, and had just barely succeeded) and it was predictable that the lead, as had been the case in the last 5 rounds , would continue to increase. so he could have easily continued on the white tire and waited for lewis to pit. the strategy redbull followed in this race was very risky and it was more luck than wisdom that max was able to overtake lewis in the penultimate lap.. or am i missing something here?

  • Brian Dickinson
    Brian Dickinson


  • Silvio Moreira
    Silvio Moreira

    what a race for max and norris!

  • Tony Haven
    Tony Haven

    I wanted to love Michael but I just can't get on board with cheating and especially when so many people have died in that sport

  • Bruno D'Agostino
    Bruno D'Agostino

    Even though Perez would've been ordered to give back position, he had a faster car at that point of the race. The pass was inevitable for Bottas.


    this race might of been very different. In the past when it was just max alone, Mercedes had the freedom to split their strategies. But you can see they have to worry about checo too now.

  • Psycho Creep
    Psycho Creep

    I don't think anyone has mentioned the funniest part of this result. This was the first race they implemented the new test on rear Wings after Mercedes and Hamilton complaining about red bull's rear wing and Red Bull still seems faster. I wonder what Hamilton and Mercedes will find to change on Red Bulls car now to make sure they win this 8th championship. Now I think it's time for the FIA to do something about Mercedes front wing and then these Mercedes cars will be even slower.

  • David Torres
    David Torres

    Verstappen 👍 Hamilton 👎

  • Gábor Miklay
    Gábor Miklay

    The top 4 are outstanding! 👍

  • Wanda Ndlela
    Wanda Ndlela

    Sweet, sweet and Seweeeet🇳🇱😎😎😎🔥

  • k kzero
    k kzero

    Bottas ignored the engineer. F1 channel completely ignored Bottas.

  • WWFC Jake
    WWFC Jake

    So happy for Checo to have his chance at a big team. He’s the main difference this season for Red bull him and Verstappen are some team 👏

  • Zach Deal
    Zach Deal

    How does an actual real life formula 1 driver not know the track layout of Nordeschleife? -_-

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku

    2:13 hold on, i'm confused. In 2018 Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso drove for McLaren. So why is Lando Norris there? Tbh I didn't really tune in for that year.

  • shirleytwsw

    Love the driver view you can feel the intensity of this race of the final battle between perez and Russell race commentary was epic

  • kartikeya singh chauhan
    kartikeya singh chauhan

    This might be the year someone other than mercedes win both the championship. Go on Max and sergio